Our purpose is to save the remaining areas of wild nature and wildlife in the world. Our work will be compiled in one SUMO limited edition book of 20 kg, a photographic exhibition and a beautiful fountain pen. The pen is a collaboration with Montegrappa, an Italian pen company that makes exclusive pens.

We will present our book and a pen to the world’s leaders with these words: ‘This book is documentation of the world’s last wild places and with this pen, you have the power to rewrite the future of our planet!’

And we are very proud to say that we will start by presenting our book and pen to the Pope.

As we write these words, we are in the process of establishing a Conservation Foundation together with our lawyer Knud Foldschack. The goal of the foundation is to create more nature conservation projects on all seven continents. Its starting point is in everybody’s love of the wild and our mantra: What You Love – You Will Protect.

We believe in positive stories and positive images. Everything on this planet is interconnected; this is the web of life that creates the biodiversity we have to protect. If we destroy that, we destroy nature’s cycles and our own future. Unfortunately, we humans have lost the ancient wisdom of living together with nature. We need to reconnect our heart with our brain! And with love, the driving force in all aspects of life, we can rewrite the future of our planet!

The conservation foundation

At this very moment, we are establishing a foundation for our Project WILD. Our goal is to work with nature conservation for the rest of our lives and to support others in doing so. In short, we want to protect what we love. We will share updates soon.

The WILD portfolio