In Gabon, we travelled deep into the jungle in an attempt to be the first to document the wild mandrill. The National Geographic Society funded this expedition and two other photographers had been there before us but had not succeeded. So it was with great excitement that we entered the country.

It took us two months to get close to these amazing monkeys and on the third last day, we finally got the shots we came for, thus becoming the first photographers to document wild mandrill behaviour. And in a move never seen before, President Bongo with Dr. Lee White and conservationist Mike Fay created thirteen national parks to protect Gabon’s pristine wildlife and nature. You can read the article about the expedition. Have a look at Mike’s images.


Loss of habitat and the bush meat trade are without a doubt the biggest problem for the mandrill and other wildlife in Gabon. Poachers are killing species such as lowland gorillas and forest elephants. But increased awareness means that authorities in Gabon have recently trained their first armed rangers and established anti-poaching teams.