Project Description


The Masai Mara in Kenya is without a doubt one of the truly last wild places on the planet. You might think that tourism has had a big impact, but in fact this beautiful country is partly what it is because of exactly this. Today the Masai Mara still has 75 % of its biodiversity intact. Kenya is a master example of how nature can both survive and become an economy at the same time.

The Masai people are cattle herders and do not eat wild game as this has been taboo for centuries. They have respected and protected the nature around them since they first arrived in Kenya and today they even rent out their territories to tourist camps, a way of preventing these areas from becoming maize fields.


Like so many other countries today, one of the biggest issues regarding wildlife in Kenya is people and wildlife conflict. Elephants often raid the fields of small villages and every year many elephants are killed because of this. One of the people working to help this issue is Marc Goss with his Mara Elephant Project.