Well, first you have to decide if you want to do it as a hobby or if you want to make it your living. In short, you need to get a camera and learn how to use it. A photographic course is a great way to get around this part fast, but to be honest, we have never taken a single course in our lives.

The real energy behind it all is that if you are really interested in joining the world of pro photography, it probably won’t be something you even think about! It will be something that you just do because you can’t help it. You can google everything, read books, become inspired by other photographers, copy their work and then find your own style. Don’t worry, it will all come if you stick with it.

The real secret is passion and we believe it is also having the right network. This is where you have to be bold. Ask people questions and don’t be afraid of writing emails to your peers and the people you admire. For sure, you will not get an answer every time. But sometimes you will get through and get help. It will probably take you some years to start earning money from it, but with dedication, you will get to that point as well.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram are important, but you can easily drown in having to be online all the time. So figure out where you want to be and then make a serious plan on how to get there. Each and every photographer has his or her own way, and with dedication you will find your own. You probably can’t help it anyway!