There is a drive within us both. We love being in nature and it is here we are at peace and where we feel the happiest! This drive is like a bright, bubbling energy that can’t be stopped. This is love of the wild. We believe that we are all nature; we are all one.

And as we described in “Isn’t it dangerous”, there is also a certain kind of kick to it and we have become addicted to this. But the whole reason behind it all is different.

We both grew up surrounded by nature and spent most of our time hanging out in the gardens of our parents and sailing the Danish waters. This we believe created a great love for nature in us. A love, that in the end led us to understand that nature is suffering and we need to protect it. Right now, at this very moment, we believe that we are on the edge when it comes to the future of the planet and us as people. We can choose not to act, and then we will certainly lose. Yes, the planet will remain, but humanity will disappear because of food and water shortages, deforestation, pollution and global warming.

If we realise that, then we have no choice and we will have to act! And that is exactly what we are trying to do. We really and truly believe that we can save this planet with love. When we people really care about something, we will protect it with our own lives. We know that our images will not save the planet by themselves, but they serve to tell the stories that will need telling.

The ones who will save this planet are all of YOU. We all have the power to vote for the right people to lead our countries and we all have the power to choose what we buy.

Let’s rewrite the future of our planet – what you love, you will protect!