No doubt the best part of our job is being out there together in the WILD. We feel truly privileged to be able to do this for a living and we are living our dream and following our hearts!

We travel about six months every year to destinations as diverse as Borneo, Africa, the Arctic and Antarctica. The airports are by far the worst part of the job and right after that comes being down with malaria. Sure the malaria might kill you, but sometimes it seems like airport personnel are trained in ‘the art of evil towards photographers’. They spot you right away with your heavy luggage and although we always try to keep smiling and being kind to them, it always ends up with the same answer:

“You guys are way overweight and we have to check in your luggage.”

We recently paid an excruciating amount of USD 2,000 when flying home from New Zealand for just 15 kg of overweight.